Analyst Programmer – Developer

Type of contract

Offered by: BMI SYSTEM France, software design company
Industries: Pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics industries
Location: Montrouge, France
Employment type: Internship
Training period: 3 to 6 months

Position in the Organisation Chart

Tutor: IT Manager

Purpose of the Internship

• Develop and improve systems and applications used in the company under the direction of a Project Manager
• Understand the needs, obligations and constraints of future users


• Web application settings
• Editions settings
• Creation of web portals

Knowledge and Expertise

• PHP, SQL programming
• Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQUERY
• Knowledge of XML, Java
• Use of Eclipse, phpmyadmin, Apache, Linux, Joomla
• Knowledge of Linux, Oracle, advanced Java, advanced XML, advanced JQUERY is a plus
• Mastery of the French language
• English is a plus

Behavioural Skills

• Excellent listening skills with an ability to analyse needs and requests as well as respond in a courteous manner
• Rigorous & methodical, attention to detail
• Ability to express yourself clearly & communicate with others
• Creativity
• Team spirit
• Analytical skills
• Stress management during periods of intense activity


Internally, the Analyst Programmer – Developer has to maintain key relationships with Technical Directors.

Autonomy and Responsibilities

• High degree of autonomy and self organisation
• Activities defined by direct supervisor
• Follow supervisor’s instructions
• Report any issues to supervisor

Working Conditions

• Working autonomously and/or in a team
• Regular working hours

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