Management of Information Systems

Type of contract

Offered by: BMI SYSTEM France, software design company
Industries: Pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics industries
Location: Montrouge, France
Employment type: Internship
Education: Engineering background
Training period: 3 to 6 months

Position in the Organisation Chart

Tutor: Quality Assurance Manager

Purpose of the Internship

• Ensure quality of the software
• Accompany clients in the validation of the software
• Detect anomalies related to technical operations
• Identify design errors


The trainee defines, implements and organises action plans to ensure the quality of the company’s products and their compliance with process development.

For this purpose, he/she controls the quality of products by:
• Writing test plans and all documents related to validation (validation plan, qualification protocol, validation report)
• Planning and executing tests
• Coordinating all actions (preventive and corrective)
• Establishing anomaly files and non-conformities
• Following control of products and development processes

The intern is involved at different stages of the production line and organises the monitoring of product quality and its compliance to specifications.

Knowledge and Expertise

• Know how to prepare and analyse
• Establish a clear strategy
• Plan operations
• Run tests, analyse results and write reports

Behavioural Skills

Beyond communication skills, interpersonal skills and dynamism, the candidate must have an analytical mind and a developed sense of critical thinking.

He/She must be autonomous, rigorous and extremely conscientious as he/she guarantees the quality of the company’s products.

• Excellent listening skills with an ability to analyse needs and requests as well as respond in a courteous manner
• Rigorous and methodical, available in peak times
• Adapted to working in a team: able to manage problems associated with the need to organise upstream for periods with very heavy workloads, to establish trusting relationships and to communicate and cooperate with colleagues
• Able to manage stress, tension and internal conflicts in periods of intense activity


Internally, the Management of Information Systems Intern has to maintain key relationships with Project Managers, Solutions Architects and the Quality Team.

Autonomy and Responsibilities

• High degree of autonomy and self organisation
• Activities defined by direct supervisor
• Follow supervisor’s instructions
• Report any issues to supervisor

Working Conditions

• Working autonomously and/or in a team
• Regular working hours

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