Assistant Project Manager

Type of contract

Offered by: BMI SYSTEM France, software company
Business line: Pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics industries
Location: Montrouge, France
Employment type: Full-time, long-term contract

Position in the organisation chart

N+1: Project Manager

Purpose of the job

• Support the Project Manager
• Ensure the proper and timely execution of tasks


• Take part in the conception phase of the project
• Help to conduct functional tests
• Help to write meetings reports
• Help to write user manuals and any other documentation linked to the project
• Provide phone assistance to software users
• Provide services upon the clients request
• Help to write training documents

Project Management Skills

The project manager manages project activities:

• Define tasks to be performed by Technicians
• Establish initial project planning

• Assign resources to tasks
• Estimate workloads

• Update schedules
• Make decisions facing issues

• Lead team

• Suggest alternatives

• Negotiate with external stakeholders

Knowledge and expertise

• Define and prioritise tasks
• Allocate resources to tasks
• Manage and lead teams
• Understand how pharmaceutical laboratories operate
• Have knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry’s main regulations (EFPIA, Loi Bertrand)
• Master WORD, EXCEL and VISIO applications
• Be able to find the right information and to apply it
• Writing skills

Behavioral Skills

• Rigorous & methodical, attention to detail
• Ability to express yourself clearly & communicate with others
• Creativity
• Team spirit
• Analytical skills
• Stress management during periods of intense activity


• Internally, the Assistant Project Manager has to maintain key relationships with Project Directors, Project Managers and Technicians.
• Externally, relations are to be maintained with the Project Manager designated by the client.

Autonomy and Responsibilities

• High degree of autonomy and self organisation
• Activities defined by direct supervisor
• Follow supervisor’s instructions
• Report any issues to supervisor

Working Conditions

• Working autonomously and/or in a team
• Regular working hours
• Occasional travels within Ile-de-France and France

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