Building trust with your stakeholders

Easily comply with ethical, transparency and data privacy requirements in a complex regulatory environment.

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Provide innovative solutions dedicated to compliance

BMI SYSTEM develops software solutions and services for companies that place ethics and trust at the heart of their culture and make compliance an asset for their brand, reputation and relationships with all their internal and external stakeholders.


A global end-to-end solution for disclosure of payments to healthcare professionals and organisations.

Scientific Communication

Easily manage medical content and inquiry to meet business & compliance requirements.

Data Privacy

Meet GDPR requirements and maintain ongoing compliance.

NAYACT® the Transparency Solution

Insure end-to-end transparency requirements with NAYACT®:

  • Easily manage and approve events & contracts with HCPs & HCOs.
  • Gather & allocate expenses.
  • Easily disclose Transfer Of Values made to HCPs & HCOs.


HCP Engagement

Enhance regulatory compliancy by managing all your events, contracts and donations within a single platform.



Ensure your transparency by easily completing the entire submission process, from planning to publishing.

NAYACT® Scientific Communication

  • Ensure full traceability and compliance of your promotional materials.
  • Optimize scientific & medical information requests.


Promotional Materials

Manage the entire lifecycle of your promotional material, from conception to distribution, within an integrated tool.


Medical Information Requests

Easily process your information requests by optimizing your response validation and sending process.

Screenshots of our GDPR solution entitled ORYGA

ORYGA® Comply with GDPR

Our global SaaS solution for data governance help your company pro-actively and permanently manage GDPR compliance.
In addition to maintaining records of processing activities, ORYGA supports:

  • the creation of documentation and audit trails required by supervisory authorities.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).
  • relevant monitoring indicators to efficiently ensure personal data governance.



Demonstrate Compliance

Enables to demonstrate accountability and compliance (3 regulatory records including breach notifications and data subject rights management, comprehensive data processing activities inventory). Generates quantitative metrics.


Minimize data protection risks

Our data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) toolset follow the most rigorous and reliable methodologies and are designed to help organizations adopt action plans.