BMI SYSTEM is proud to announce the launch of an online training system intended to facilitate users’ training and mastering of the company’s software solutions.
Francis Geysermans, Chief Technical Officer of BMI SYSTEM, introduces us to this new offer.


Why develop an e-learning system?

The online training addresses three major expectations from our clients and pharmaceutical companies. Firstly, to be able to train a large amount of users without the logistical constraints of face-to-face training.
Secondly, it is important to make training tools readily available at any time, to enable new employees to be trained immediately.

Training is not complete without evaluation.

Finally, there is a strong need for a training structure that enables a complete mastering of the software solutions and provides a platform for training evaluation.

Why offer an online training solution rather than a face-to-face one?

The use of mobility tools, such as the ipad, is currently increasing and used by the sales forces of different healthcare companies. BMI SYSTEM adapts to these new working methods with its e-learning offer.

The use of mobility tools is currently increasing.

In addition, we can certify that users have been trained by our solutions. This requirement is necessary for tools subjected to validation or related to sensitive activities around compliance.

How would you describe your e-learning offer?

The e-learning programme comprises videos introducing and explaining the portal’s functionalities. We chose the modular approach, with the aim of providing our clients with short tutorial videos addressing various thematic issues: the portal, the forms and the client’s specific processes. Indeed, the customisation of the training tool is an important aspect of our offer.

All of these videos are completed by online questionnaires for users to evaluate and attest their mastering of the software solution. At the end of the training period, BMI SYSTEM provides the client with a global and individual training report.

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