The decree published on the 21st May 2013 in France, related to the transparency between HCPs, HCOs and companies producing or marketing “products with a health-related or cosmetics purpose and intended for human use”, requires the publication of the identity of each party involved in a contract. Concerning HCPs, the publication focuses on the name, quality, work address and, when required, the qualification, title, specialty, registration number or personal identifier in the RPPS (Répertoire Partagé des Professionnels de Santé) the french directory of healthcare professionals.

The RPPS directory was created on the 6th of February 2009, and lists a limited number of legal entites allowed to access this database, such as the Health Ministry and the French Medical Boards. Pharmaceutical companies, however, were not part of this list. In its opinion of 21st March 2013, the CNIL, the French Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties, underlined that the RPPS registration number was not available for the healthcare companies and, as a result, the decree was amended on the 2nd of October 2013.
In order to fit the provisions of the Article L1453-1 of the Public Healthcare Code, companies producing or marketing products mentioned by the Article L. 5311-1 of the Public Healthcare Code, or providing services associated with these products and trade unions, can now access this directory and broadcast data of the RPPS (including to the public).

Laboratories now have free access to this directory, if they have been granted this right by ASIP, the French agency responsible for sharing public health information. A unique identification system for all health professionals is therefore available, which will have the effect of facilitating the management and publishing of links of interest, allowing all stakeholders to have a reference database.


Practical modalities to the aforementioned companies:
To access the directory, the aforementioned companies have to complete this form and send it to the ASIP, for instruction:
•    Either by e-mail to the address
•    or by post to the following address :

ASIP Santé
Service extraction RPPS
9, rue Georges Pitard
75015 Paris

NB: ASIP achieved a charter for use of the data contained in the RPPS. To read it, follow this link: charter for use of the data contained in the RPPS.

We must also point out that in case of a regular extraction application, the providing frequency is monthly.