Ranked 214th among French software publishers according to the study of Syntec Numérique, BMI SYSTEM outperformed its reference category.

On the occasion of the evening Top 250 organized for the fifth consecutive year with EY on October 15, the results of the study on French publishers and software developers were presented. This edition highlighted the latest trends in the software market that registers strong growth and continues to create jobs.

BMI SYSTEM is ranked 214th. The company rises to the 128th place in the “sectoral” publishers category. This ranking is based on revenues in 2014 reported by each company.

Note that in 2013, BMI SYSTEM occupied the 250th place in this ranking.

With the cumulative growth rate over 2 years (between 2012 and 2014) rising to 22% for sector publishers and 25% for horizontal publishers, the study confirms the strong dynamism of the sector.

Furthermore, the Syntec / EY analysis confirms the positive correlation between the business growth and the company’s level of internationalization.

The study shows that “companies under €10 million mostly operate in the French market (their turnover abroad is only 20%). The same does not apply to very large structures (more than €100 million) as Dassault Systèmes, Ubisoft or Criteo. These companies generated 64% of their turnover abroad in 2014, compared to 50% in 2013”.

Thanks to a growth of more than double that of its reference market, BMI SYSTEM climbed more than 30 places in one year in the Syntec ranking. Similarly, BMI SYSTEM presents an international exposure which represents more than double those of other publishers of equivalent size.