Last Tuesday April 19th BMI SYSTEM was invited to attend the official Cámara Farmacéutica de la ANDI event in Bogotá, Colombia. The event took place at the Metropolitan Club, a very emblematic place in the city.

The Cámara Farmacéutica de la ANDI regroups affiliated domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

The main objective of this event was to present the new code of ethics for the transparency to the Cámara Farmacéutica and approve this code during the same session.

The code was approved after agreement by all members, which represents a big step for the pharmaceutical sector in Colombia, taking the lead in Latin America with the first code of practice for transparency. Today Transparency is one of the main topics for all stakeholders and associations in this sector: ANDI, AFIDRO, ASINFAR, Ministry of Health… as well as the Government with the 2014 Transparency and Access to Information law.

Starting the opening session of this event, the Vice Minister of Health highlighted the collaboration between the private and public sectors to improve transparency in Colombia. It is a major priority in this country to improve the reputation of the sector.

During the ANDI event, BMI SYSTEM had the opportunity to interact with different managers of pharma companies and other actors such as consultancy companies, Pharmaceutical Colleges and people representing the public sector.

It was interesting to be able to measure the level of interest on Transparency in this Latin-American country. Our experience and solutions could be a key factor to make transparency a reality as soon as possible.