On November 30, 2016, the first joint event between BMI SYSTEM and Deloitte was held in Barcelona, Spain. Together, both companies provide a valuable offer for pharmaceutical companies who wish to maintain a high level of compliance while carrying out their activity.

The primary objective of this event was to present the recent association of BMI SYSTEM and Deloitte in Spain, and especially their joint offer. The service proposal resulting from this partnership is unique in the Spanish market, and what better way to make it known than through this event.

The second objective was to transmit key information regarding transparency issues; highlighting the best practices and strategies to optimize the management and automatization of the company’s activity.

Event Barcelone 2016

Intervention de Laurent CLERC, expert en règlementation chez BMI SYSTEM

The opening statement and welcome address were made by Manel CARPIO from Deloitte and Santi GOICOECHEA from BMI SYSTEM, and were followed by several speakers. Arturo SIMON, on behalf of Deloitte, carried out his presentation focusing on the importance of regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical sector and the impact of transparency. Later, Laurent CLERC, regulatory expert from BMI SYSTEM, gave a feedback of the first EFPIA transparency disclosure which occured on the 30th of June 2016. Santi GOICOECHEA carried out an exhibition of the main characteristics of the NAYA Software Solution and its benefits. Gabriele PERSANTI, of Deloitte, made a demonstration of the solution for the attendees explaining how some of the main needs of the sector in terms of transparency are solved through NAYA. And finally, Christian GAUJAC, IT Manager at GALDERMA, exposed his experience and the advantages of the implementation of NAYA has brought to his company.

Event Barcelone 2016

Santi GOICOECHEA, Arturo SIMON, Manel CARPIO, Christian GAUJAC, Laurent CLERC and Gabriele PERSANTI

BMI SYSTEM and Deloitte are also working in close collaboration in Asia.

This event was a real success. A second meeting will certainly take place in Madrid in March 2017.