Last September, Les Echos magazine and its partner – Statista (statistical portal) launched a multisectorial survey ranking the 500 French companies that are champions of growth.
Ranked 143rd French company according to this survey, BMI SYSTEM confirms its market position in small and medium-sized businesses in France.

The survey was carried out by using a database of 10,000 companies. These companies are headquartered in France and have recorded strong growth in sales between 2012 and 2015. According to this survey, the 500 champions of growth have a positive effect on the labor market and have created more than 40,000 jobs in France in 3 years.

At the same time, the ranking of the 74 companies championing the growth of the IT sector was also unveiled. Again, BMI SYSTEM confirms its strength by placing in 30th place in this ranking.

With an annual growth rate of 52.39%, BMI SYSTEM confirms its potential in the market for regulatory compliance software vendors for the healthcare industry. The company is continuing to expand internationally, to acquire new customers and to improve its ranking in the innovate companies in terms of turnover.

In summary, appearing in rankings such as Les Echos allows the company to confirm its current position, evaluate its image, enhance its reputation and above all, to stand out from its competitors.

The Top 500 Champions of Growth 2017