Montrouge (France), October 20th 2017

BMI SYSTEM, French software editor specialized in the management of Compliance and Transparency requirements for the life science and medical device industries, is proud to announce today the conclusion of a partnership agreement with AGERIS Group. This agreement will accelerate the development of the first complete software solution for the management of personal data, as part as the implementation of the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR).


AGERIS Group, independent service company, is a leader  in information protection (ISO 27001, ISO 27002, etc…), in business continuity PCA / PRA (ISO 22301) as well as in privacy data protection (GDPR) dedicated to the largest international public, health, bank-insurance or industry organizations

Within this partnership agreement, BMI SYSTEM will take advantage from the expertise of AGERIS Group in order to accelerate the development of the first personal data management software.

AGERIS Group has already developed  its own SCORE software solution fully based on the official recommendations of the French data protection authority (CNIL) ; this solution facilitates and automates compliance for public and private organizations. Characterized by its « France Cybersecurity » label, today SCORE is recognized as one of the most performing risk management solution related to the use of information systems. Within this agreement,  AGERIS Group will then commercialize to its clients the software solution BMI SYSTEM has developed ; this solution will only be available in the web mode including Saas, On-Premise and Mobile.

Regarding BMI SYSTEM

Since its beginning in 2004, BMI SYSTEM is the first French software editor specialized in the management of compliance for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The company is based in Montrouge (Paris) and has offices in Brussels, Barcelona and Boston.
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