ORYGA ™ software solution integrating IBM tools for automated mapping of corporation personal data

Montrouge (France), November 20, 2017

BMI SYSTEM, French leader for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device software Compliance and Transparency management solutions and IBM are announcing a unique strategic partnership to accelerate Corporation compliance with regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR will come into force across the European Union as of the 25th May 2018, marking the biggest change in data protection legislation in more than 20 years.

Under this partnership, BMI SYSTEM is developing a software solution integrating IBM tools allowing companies to identify personal data within the organizations’ Information System (IS) in order to automatically map their data and information flows. The combination of both personal data mapping and data process mapping thanks to ORYGA BMI SYSTEM software solution, will accelerate the process to achieve e GDPR compliance.

BMI SYSTEM developed a global and unique ORYGA software solution to pro-actively and permanently manage compliance in relation to this new regulation and hence protect both private and public organisations against the inherent risks of using personal data. The technological development of ORYGA took over a year and was led by a team of seasoned Pharmaceutical Compliance and Transparency professionals in collaboration with AGERIS Group based in France. AGERIS Group is an independent services company specialized and renowned in data protection (ISO 27001, ISO27002, etc.), Business Continuity Plan (BCP) / Business Recovery Plan (BRP) (ISO 22301) and GDPR for the public sector, health, banking, insurance and international corporations.

The new solution combining both personal data and data process mapping will deliver major competitive advantages for companies of all sizes, such as:

  • Minimising risks related to personal data processing
  • Optimising the management of individuals’ rights and in particular the right to be forgotten
  • Reducing costs and time in data processing.

With this partnership, BMI SYSTEM and IBM aim to meet the huge GDPR challenges all companies are facing by the 25th May 2018 deadline. The penalties for not complying with the GDPR can be very significant, reaching up to 4% of turnover or 20 million euros. The solution developed by BMI SYSTEM integrating IBM tools allows companies to rapidly and easily comply with the GDPR by following the structured process defined by the appropriate country Data Protection Authority (DPA). Therefore companies will easily  identify all personal data within their IS, mapping all the processes related to the management of such data and at the same time documenting all actions related to people’s rights and their personal data.

Companies wishing to achieve GDPR compliance as quickly as possible will be able to reap the benefits from the partnership between two renowned transparency and security expertizes. The strategic partnership between IBM and BMI SYSTEM will allow companies access to leading-edge technology for real-time management of personal data governance. This new software solution encompassing personal data mapping will be the most extensive and innovative solution providing companies with a platform to meet the immense GDPR compliance challenges, not only in Europe, but for all international groups having to conform with the new regulation requirements”, commented Jérôme Martinez, BMI SYSTEM, CEO.

We are very excited to expand our GDPR ecosystem with BMI SYSTEM’s Life Science software expertise and experience. Indeed, we will be able to offer highly vertical business models to map personal data. ” Mentions Thierry BRUN, IBM GDPR ambassador who also adds, “In the face of risks, constraints and the means required for compliance, knowledge of the highly regulated Life Science industry are key success factors in order to address the GDPR market and all organizations concerned by this stringent requirement.

ORYGA ™ is a registered trademark of BMI SYSTEM.


BMI SYSTEM, founded in 2004, is a pure global software developer of Compliance and Transparency management software solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. The company’s headquarters are based in Montrouge, France and have offices in London and Hanoi.

For further information, please visit us at: www.bmi-system.com

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