With the introduction of new extraterritorial laws (Bribery Act, Sunshine Act…) and the revision of the EFPIA code of practice for relationships with third parties, it is now essential for healthcare companies (pharmaceutical, medical device & diagnostic) to make sure they have set up a pan-European or even global view of their compliance. However local regulations still have their own specificities and this is going to be a challenge in the coming years to be able to comply locally and aggregate globally. BMI SYSTEM supports the vision integrating compliance into more global governance and risk-management issues. The new requirements for transparency in the industry, in every European country, are a chance to prove that healthcare is a sector which has nothing to hide and can be proud of its contribution to the society.


In order to answer this ever changing regulatory environment, BMI SYSTEM has developed a software suite allowing a global overview of compliance and transparency requirements but with tailored solutions to every local regulation. It is why BMI SYSTEM sponsors the 2nd Pharma Law convention taking place in Prague on the 13th & 14th of March 2013. This event is organised by the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) which represents the Czech pharmaceutical industry and it is supported by the Slovak Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical companies (SAFS) and the Association of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM).

The 2nd Pharma Law Convention will take place in March 2013 in the one of Prague`s most exclusive venues  – Hotel Radisson Blu.   The program will go in depth through the latest developments and challenges in the European Pharma regulatory environment with a major emphasize on the forthcoming new legislation.


The speaker’s panel will feature top industry experts in the field introducing regulators, professional industry bodies on EU and national levels, as well as exclusive pool of leading European legal advisers and solution providers in the following spheres:

  • compliance
  •  transparency
  • competition
  • parallel trade


We are pleased to inform you that BMI SYSTEM in its role of Gold Sponsor is providing all its clients, business partners and friends with the unique opportunity to book places through a most exclusive partnership discount providing a single seat for 499 EUR.   In order to reserve your place, please apply the following booking code “NAYA” on the registration form to be found on the program’s last page and send it office@lawconvention.eu  in scanned copy.

Alternatively, there is possibility to register online by following this link: Registration


Presentations and input will be seen by EFPIA, DG Competition, European Parliament, as well as number of national regulator authorities from Europe.  In addition several of Europe’s leading legal firms will provide an exclusive and practical real case insights from recent disputes and will be answering direct questions within the program and in person during the supporting networking activities.

All pharmaceutical companies registering through BMI SYSTEM are entitled to reserve their places for a special rate of 499€.  Kindly apply the promotional code “NAYA” on the registration form and send it to office@lawconvention.eu.