About us

With 10 years of experience and 60 employees, BMI SYSTEM has established itself as a leader in the software industry dedicated to compliance and transparency for the life sciences industries.

We work with major pharmaceutical companies.

years of experience
in the healthcare sector

More than 50 clients
in over 50 countries

% of the Big Pharma
uses NAYA

Our Expertise

Business expertise

BMI SYSTEM is composed of recognised experts in regulatory affairs and quality management, providing our customers with solid business knowledge.

More than just a software editor, BMI SYSTEM offers an analysis of your processes and your organisation.

Technical expertise

Our international team consists of experts in regulatory affairs and engineers in new technologies.

Our main areas of expertise are:
• Business Intelligence
• The design of servers and databases
• The integration of EAI, ESB….
• Issues related to product lifecycle and development

BMI SYSTEM values the environment. This is why we work exclusively with environmentally responsible partners such as Telehouse, the first computer data host to be awarded AFNOR Certification.

To reduce the energy consumption of their data centers, Telehouse and BMI SYSTEM are engaged in an eco-design approach, consisting of optimising energy efficiency and developing renewable energy.

As a result, the data center energy consumption has decreased by 50% and their overall environmental impact has been reduced by 30%.

Therefore, cloud computing systems used by BMI SYSTEM are “eco-design”certified.

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