With the introduction of the EFPIA Disclosure Code, every member association has to change its code to incorporate changes on individual disclosure of transfers of value. The UK ABPI Code has already been changed to reflect these changes but it is now time to get a practical approach on how to apply them for member companies.

In 2013, a consultation was conducted by The Ethical Standards in Health and Life Sciences Group to identify in principle whether there would be support from healthcare professionals for a centrally-hosted single searchable database for disclosures.   The majority of respondents – which included representatives of the leading healthcare professional bodies and associations in the UK, commercial organisations and over 1,000 individual healthcare professionals – agreed that payments should be publicly declared through a single searchable database (79%), and that healthcare professionals should have a role to play (77%)

Detailed results here: www.bmi-system.com/uk/eshlsg-consultation

At the end of last year, the ABPI Board of Management endorsed the decision for the ABPI to lead on developing a central registry for disclosures. The next step is to host a multi-stakeholder executive roundtable in April to discuss the role of healthcare professional groups and bodies. Outputs of this will be made public.   To drive this project forward, a cross-functional ABPI working group with representation from several member companies was recruited five months ago and has been assessing the best technical approach, as well as evaluating possible hosts for the system and other practical issues. The ABPI is also developing a Disclosure Network, which will be comprised of people working in Compliance, Finance, Business Insights, Legal and other relevant functions. The purpose of the Disclosure Network will be to discuss issues related to system development and operation at a company level, provide a forum for sharing best practices and discussing challenges, and to provide a platform for training to relevant colleagues who are responsible for HCP/HCO disclosures at a company level.