Salesway, a French consulting company, has recently published an assessment of the dedicated public website, which contains the disclosure of all financial relationships between healthcare professionals and organisations with pharmaceutical companies in France.

This initiative was one of the key measures of the “Loi Bertrand”, the French disclosure law voted in 2011, and its decree no. 2013-414 voted on May 21, 2013.

How much has been spent?

In one year, 260, 000 HPs received nearly 1.5 million euros. Pharmaceutical companies represent 72.6% of the spent amount and medical device companies represent 21.9%.

The amount of investment per company is usually proportional to its size.

And the reason?

According to Salesway, half of the payments enable HCPs to attend events, a third are qualified as “Public relations” and 10% come in the form of grants.