Sunday, September 28th, employees of BMI SYSTEM participated in « Les Virades de l’Espoir » (Run of Hope), a charity event for people suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

It has become a tradition at BMI SYSTEM that on the last Sunday of September, voluntary employees of BMI SYSTEM participate in “Les Virades de l’Espoir” in Sceaux, a city near Paris.

The purpose of such an event is to raise funds for the association “Vaincre la Mucovisidose” (beating Cystic Fibrosis). But it also allows people to speak about this fatal disease still relatively unknown by the public.

Sporting events of all types (walking, running, cycling) provide the opportunity for participants to “bring breath those who lack it’. Locally, concerts, shows and workshops for children and adults add a festive and friendly side to this charity event.


Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease that gradually destroys the lungs. Les Virades de l’Espoir are causing great progress, especially in terms of life expectancy (47 years for children born today against seven years in 1965).

To get more information about the association, to become a volunteer or to donate, visit


Pictures of the event

Les coureurs Nicolas Danicourt