BMI SYSTEM was proud exhibitor during the Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress, which took place in Shanghai, China, from 16th – 20th September 2014.


Asia, a new step for BMI SYSTEM

Laurent CLERCFirst of all a few words from our Regulatory Affairs Expert and co-founder, Laurent Clerc

Our objectives at attending this major congress were the following:

Fact finding – to understand the compliance, transparency and regulatory issue in Asia

Networking – To meet and discuss with the various Pharmaceutical and potential partners based in Asia

Awareness – To increase our international brand image in the Asia Pacific region.

We are pleased that all these three objectives were attained. Most of the companies present have already heard of BMI SYSTEM through our EFPIA project implementation. In addition the compliance issues facing Pharmaceutical companies based in Asia are going to become more and more of a critical issue. As a result, we will be embarking on a series of BMI SYSTEM organized events in 2015 throughout Asia. Watch this space for more information.


A congress of opportunity

With approximately 200 delegates from all over Asia including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and, Australia, the plenary sessions focused on the following points:

  • Perspectives from the C-Suite: Ethical Business Practice
  • Asia Pacific Compliance Issues from a global perspective
  • Asia Pacific Stakeholders Roundtable: HCPs, Hospitals and Patients
  • China’s Health System and how it is being reformed
  • The Chinese Anti-unfair Competition Law
  • Overview of recent Chinese laws and regulations
  • Chinese compliance best practices roundtable
  • Asia Pacific R&D and clinical trials compliance
  • Third Party Relationship
  • New pharma business models
  • New compliance challenges

We had the privilege of meeting and discussing with a large number of companies the various transparency & compliance reporting points and how BMI SYSTEM could help with its software solution. In addition, lengthy discussion with law firms highlighted the need of more awareness about transparency issues from the pharmaceutical companies. As a consequence, BMI SYSTEM will organize a series of joint seminars in 2015 throughout Asia.

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Pictures of the congress

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