BMI SYSTEM was proud exhibitor during the Pharma Compliance Europe 2014, which took place in London, UK, from 7 – 8th October 2014.

This event focused on compliance best practices for the pharma and medical device industries and was very well attended with the presence of industry leaders.

The UK has now become a key market for BMI SYSTEM so it was logical to participate as sponsor, exhibitor and key note speaker. We were pleased to meet with existing customers in the UK using our NAYA software for cross-border compliance & transparency issues and providing us with useful feedback to continuously adapt our software.


The ABPI Code of Practice

This congress was a good opportunity to discuss Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) topics and updates, as well as the consequences for UK companies and how they adapt to the ABPI standards, such as the standards for advertising and promotion of prescription-only medicines.

The ABPI Code of Practice aims to ensure that pharmaceutical companies operate in a responsible, ethical and professional manner. It defines what information pharmaceutical companies can provide to healthcare professionals and what information they can offer to the public. The ABPI Code is administered by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA).

These standards impact the pharmaceutical companies’ communications on every media: websites, brochures, ads… As a consequence, transparency becomes a sales argument for companies to ensure their ethical image to the public.


BMI SYSTEM as key note speaker

The BMI SYSTEM presentation took place on Day 1 and was led by Laurent Clerc, Regulatory affairs expert and co-founder of BMI SYSTEM. He focused on the following theme: “The EFPIA Disclosure and National Requirements: How to Implement a Global 2 Local (G2L) International IT System”.

His presentation raised a lot of interest, especially around international compliance regulations as well as integration and connections from the ABPI to the EFPIA code.

Laurent Clerc highlighted the need of a deep insight of the European countries’ specificities when managing a transparency project implementation in the 33 EFPIA countries.

All along these two days, through speakers’ presentations and discussions, it appeared that there is actually a need to have an accurate insight of the countries’ specificities to implement successfully an EFPIA transparency project all over Europe. It requires a strong presence in the main European markets and an in-depth knowledge of the European culture.

BMI SYSTEM is the only company combining a European footprint, successful transparency projects in different EFPIA countries and a strong experience in the computerisation of compliance processes.



LaurentLaurent Clerc is a Regulatory Affairs Expert at BMI SYSTEM. He holds a Master of Health Law, a Master of Quality Assurance and an Executive MBA. Co-founder of BMI SYSTEM, he has a professional background of more than 18 years serving the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals within consulting firms specialised in regulatory affairs.

About the Pharma Compliance Europe 2014
The congress focused on the following points:
•    Developing clear and structured monitoring strategies that minimize risks and optimize compliance success rates
•    Transparency and disclosure initiatives and implementation across Europe
•    Taking control of your global compliance ecosystem
•    Compliance strategies for effective third party risk management
•    EFPIA code update