BMI SYSTEM launches its online training solution named ‘e-learning’.

The e-learning tool comprises several well-designed, dynamic videos and questionnaires developed around several themes and aims to facilitate the training and mastering of the company’s software solutions.

Picto 1  Flexible training

BMI SYSTEM’s e-learning application enables users to access the training modules at any time.
The training solution is easily accessible and adapts to the users’ time and space constraints, enabling them to easily master their training.

Picto 2  Efficient training

BMI SYSTEM’s training tool facilitate the learning and mastering of the portal and guarantee an easy and quick training.
Moreover, the fast implementation of the training through the e-learning system enables a large number of users to be trained simultaneously.

Picto 3 Personalised follow-up

BMI SYSTEM’s e-learning tool encorporates a tracking system, which enables a personalised
support and training report, on both a global and individual scale.

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