BMI SYSTEM sponsored and presented at Pharma Compliance Europe 2013, which took place on the 24th and the 25th of September in London, UK.

This event was a major success for BMI SYSTEM as Francis Geysermans, CTO of BMI SYSTEM and Laurent Clerc, Regulatory Affairs Expert, had the chance to give a presentation about “Transparency, aggregation and IT systems: How to cope with local regulations and global requirements”.

Pharma Compliance Europe was a platform for the major pharmaceutical, medical device and regulatory agencies across Europe, allowing them to discuss the challenges and best practices to manage risk and enhance compliance programmes. (Source: Pharma Compliance Europe 2013).

Topics discussed during the event

  • Operational compliance best practices
  • Regional transparency, disclosure and aggregate spend requirements
  • Global anti-bribery and corruption developments review
  • Third party intermediaries: due diligence and monitoring considerations
  • Compliant communication with customers for today and tomorrow
  • Product promotional compliance

 (Source: Pharma Compliance Europe 2013)

This event was an opportunity for BMI SYSTEM to meet with representatives from the European headquarters of major international pharmaceutical companies, some of which BMI SYSTEM is already working with.

This was also the occasion to get an update on the EFPIA Code and other local codes for compliance and transparency. Marie-Claire Pickaert, Deputy Director General, from the EFPIA had the chance to give her view on the future of the European regulations and laws regarding the public disclosure of transfers of value made to HCPs and HCOs.

In their presentation, the BMI SYSTEM team exposed a glimpse of the future for IT systems and their management of financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and third parties. Laurent Clerc highlighted the challenges of a European solution with different local regulations and Francis Geysermans demonstrated the importance of implementing an IT solution in order to track efficiently all the data coming from a variety of existing systems.


Pharma Compliance Europe 2013 enabled BMI SYSTEM to increase its brand image in Europe.

This event is one of the major compliance congresses on the European market and attracted a large number of key leaders of pharmaceutical companies.

The presentation given by BMI SYSTEM was well received amongst the different compliance officers and directors; the opinion that transparency is a global process but needs to be addressed locally seems to be the vision of most of the industry leaders.