Why choose BMI SYSTEM?

To participate in the development of a growing company in a developing market

Industrial sectors covered by BMI SYSTEM (pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic fields) are subject to more and more stringent regulations, forcing them to adhere to complex processes (administrative procedures, internal validations, meeting deadlines, numerous operators…).

BMI SYSTEM’s software solutions computerise these processes, adding a regulatory and quality management role. The company’s solid reputation has been tested by a panel of satisfied clients, among which are international and renowned companies.

The absence of solutions provided by competitors and the increasing reinforcement of national and European regulatory requirements provide BMI SYSTEM with strong development prospects.

To join a small but developing company

BMI SYSTEM is a small but developing company with a management team that works hand-in-hand with the rest of the team, offering a good working atmosphere where each proposal, idea or request is carefully considered.

The company invests in its employees, facilitating their integration and fostering personal development.

To discover various career paths

BMI SYSTEM offers diversified and motivating career paths.

These empowering paths enable employees to acquire and reinforce their knowledge and skills in various areas of business and IT.

The employees’ skills development is at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

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