In 2015, the EFPIA, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, launched a public information campaign to raise awareness of new financial disclosure rules and toboost pharmaceutical industry preparedness with complying to new disclosure rules [1]”.

The campaign includes several communications materials:

  • Online videos explaining the Code and testimonials from healthcare professionals
  • Information leaflets and guides
  • Stakeholder education events and webinars
  • Best practice sharing opportunities via promotion of case studies
  • A dedicated HCP/HCO social media campaign

One of the videos, displayed on Youtube, aims at explaining why healthcare companies work with patients and how patients benefit from it.


Cooperation between healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical industry is important and necessary at all stages of the development and use of medicines to secure safety of patients and efficacy of therapy. This campaign is aimed at ensuring stakeholders throughout that chain are aware, and make the necessary preparations for change [2]”.

Richard Bergstrӧm, EFPIA Director General

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