Event & Contract Management

Easily manage & approve events & contracts

Centralize all your events and contracts in one place

NAYA Event & Contract is a global SaaS workflow solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your events and contracts from planning to execution.

NAYA provides total visibility and control of all activities, attendees, speakers and expenses for a greater compliance.

Enable a better collaboration by sharing, reviewing and approving any type of contract and improve your budget adherence by tracking your actual vs forecasted expenses across all event types.

a screenshot of our event & contract management system
A computer screenshot of NAYA

Manage each step of event & contract lifecycle

  • Initiate any type of event or contract.
  • Manage all steps of approval process.
  • Manage individual forecasted fees for speakers, healthcare professionals or healthcare organisations.
  • Centralise all elements necessary to expenses tracking.
  • Reconcile forecasted vs actual expenses.

Contract and event management with NAYA

Make contract and event management easy with NAYA


Initiate any type of event/contract

National and cross-border approval process management

Expenses tracking and reconciliation

Fair Market Value


Edit, control and approve all reports

Reporting and dashboards

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