Compliance and Transparency in Commercial Activity: Automating Control and Management
On March 1st, 2017, the second session of the joint event between BMI SYSTEM and DELOITTE was held in Madrid. The first session took place in Barcelona on November 30th, 2016.

The objective of this second event was to present the partnership between the two companies that together, provide a unique offer in the market.  This is achieved through the combination of Deloitte’s leadership in the implementation of GRC tools, and BMI SYSTEM’s software solution, which is dedicated to compliance and risk management for the Life Sciences and Medical Device industries.

Following the presentation of the alliance between the two companies, speakers focused on how to automate the daily management and control of commercial activity, with transparency being the main goal.  The main message was prevention as a key to the success of transparency.  The main features of the NAYA tool were then presented, including event management, management of all types of contracts, preparation and publication of transparency reports.

At the end of the session, Christian Gaujac from Galderma, spoke about his own experience in the Transparency project.  He highlighted the objectives set by the laboratory, the achievements during the different phases of the project, the main difficulties faced, as well as answered questions raised by the attendees.

Event BMI SYSTEM/Deloitte 2017

(From left to right) Pablo CRESPO – FENIN, Oscar MARTIN – Deloitte, Gabrielle PIERSANTI – Deloitte, Manel CARPIO – Deloitte, Santi GOICOECHEA – BMI SYSTEM, Laurent CLERC – BMI SYSTEM, Christian GAUJAC – Galderma

We were honored to host Pablo Crespo, Director of the Legal department at FENIN, who gave us a brief talk about the recent transparency regulations from the Code of Conduct and from MedTech Europe (see our other article in this newsletter) in the Medical Device sector.