On June 23rd, 2016, BMI SYSTEM organized an event in Paris on the French anti-corruption bill called Loi Sapin II in partnership with the law firm August & Debouzy.

.This morning aimed at informing on the provisions of the bill and explaining how to reconcile them with the existing regulations for the healthcare industry.

After reviewing the existing provisions, Isabelle Vigier, Lawyer at August & Debouzy, introduced the bill and the measures established to prevent and detect corruption or influence peddling in France and abroad.

Isabelle Vigier, Lawyer at August & Debouzy

Isabelle Vigier, Lawyer at August & Debouzy

This project thus provides for the establishment of several measures:

  • A code of conduct
  • An internal alert system
  • A risk mapping
  • Assessment procedures for clients and suppliers
  • Accounting control procedures
  • An internal training system
  • An internal disciplinary system

This presentation shed light on the possible links between the anti-corruption measures in this bill and the existing provisions in the healthcare industry for transparency.

Laurent Clerc, Expert in regulatory affairs for BMI SYSTEM, then presented the impact of these provisions on the organization and daily management of relationships with HCPs and HCOs.

Laurent Clerc, Expert in regulatory affairs for BMI SYSTEM

Laurent Clerc, Expert in regulatory affairs for BMI SYSTEM

He particularly stressed the need to effectively manage the FMV (Fair Market Value) to meet one of the requirements of the bill which is to assess the quality of providers (HCPs and HCOs) with whom pharmaceutical companies work as well as to be able to justify the amounts of financial transactions.

.This event highlighted the best practices to enable pharmaceutical companies to integrate seamlessly these requirements in the daily management of their relationships with healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, both speakers noted that the healthcare industry is an industry that has already anticipated provisions against conflicts of interest, first with the Law on transparency (Loi Bertrand) in 1993 then with the introduction in late 2011 of a disclosure obligation of all benefits to HCPs and HCOs.