A seminar on Innovation in Transparency & Compliance, organized jointly by BMI SYSTEM and the law firm Fieldfisher was held on November 12th.

This event was an opportunity to assess recent developments in the EFPIA and the ABPI and to present feedback on the implementation of the NAYA Transparency solution with the testimony of Mr. Ian Cornish from Sanofi.

Alison Denis, from the law firm Fieldfisher, presented the recent evolutions in the EFPIA & ABPI requirements, with the need for laboratories to keep a note on the methodology used in the event of audit.

Moreover, while for European countries where disclosure is a legal obligation (Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia), the consent of healthcare professionals is not mandatory. However in all other countries, such consent is required. In addition, published data must remain public for at least 3 years.

The testimony of Mr. Cornish from Sanofi on the implementation of the NAYA solution for the UK and Ireland highlighted the constraints and advantages of such a project.

Indeed, integrating a solution into an existing IT environment, with data that comes from many solutions (CRM, database providers, financial data, etc.) can be complicated. Nevertheless, thanks to easy integration with existing systems, the implementation of NAYA in this landscape was successful.

Key elements of the project to remember:

  • Involvementand communications betweenall the client’steams(finance,legal, IT…) is paramount toproject success
  • Management ofvarious databasesrequires considerablereflectionaround acentralized database(Master DataManagement System)
  • Training is fundamental for the operational teams to optimize the use of the tool
  • NAYAis a complete andflexible solution thatcan cover both transparency andcompliance
  • Finally, and to ensure thecoherence of the whole, audit, audit, audit!

To close the event, Francis Geysermans, CTO and co-founder of BMI SYSTEM, presented the latest developments of the NAYA solution and the various modules developed by BMI SYSTEM to meet the growing requirements around transparency. An emphasis was placed on NAYA’s ability to manage all the events and contracts with healthcare professionals regardless of the countries concerned.

One of the latest evolutions presented was related to a need expressed by pharma companies to quickly check the consistency of the data entered or imported in NAYA. To meet this demand, BMI SYSTEM developed the NAYA Data Quality Control module, allowing fast analysis of all the data available in the solution, but also highlighting the inconsistencies in order to allow a faster correction before disclosure.

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