The Pharma Compliance Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) congress took place from 4th June to the 5th June 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. Many subjects were covered ranging from areas such as compliant corporate culture, operational compliance best practices, regulations and requirements for transparency disclosure reporting, calculating Fair Market Value (FMV) to Healthcare Professional (HCP) payments, global anti-bribery and anti-corruption, due diligence, monitoring, product promotional compliance and compensation.

Most of the major pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies across the CEE region attended this meeting to discuss the challenges and best practices to manage risk and enhance their compliance programmes.

Some of the pharmaceutical companies have already designed data capture systems, ‘in-house’ or ‘off- the-shelf’ solutions in order to operate within all the EFPIA countries. However the majority of the companies have no solutions in place for EFPIA disclosure. These companies present a large opportunity for BMI SYSTEM to present its fully integrated and secure compliance, transparency and regulatory software solution known as ‘NAYA’.

BMI SYSTEM also met with Mr Bülent Becan, president of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AİFD) who will assist BMI SYSTEM to access the Turkish market.

In conjunction with the AIFD, BMI SYSTEM will be presenting the NAYA solution in more depth. This meeting is scheduled for early September 2014 in Istanbul. The objectives are to present the advantages and flexibility of the NAYA Software solution for the EFPIA/AIFD disclosure codes. A Turkish legal expert will be presenting specific legal issues on data capture and confidentiality in Turkey. In parallel, one or two BMI SYSTEM reference customers will be sharing their feedback and experiences with the BMI SYSTEM solution.

During 2015 and 2016, the AIFD foresee a migration of Turkish pharmaceutical companies from their tailor-made programmes and European Union-wide programmes to the BMI SYSTEM solution.