NAYA is a range of user-friendly cloud-based solutions to address growing
compliance, transparency and anti-corruption issues for the life sciences industry

Easily manage & approve
events & contracts

Efficiently meet global compliance & transparency requirements

Ensure full traceability & compliance of your promotional materials

Manage & optimize
scientific and medical
information requests

BMI SYSTEM software solutions facilitate the management of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance


Improve governance
and decision
making processes


Facilitate the identification, analysis and management of potential risk factors


Meet compliance requirements
with a cost-effective approach

additional solutions


Mobile NAYA application

Our solutions can be deployed in a mobile application and thus integrate as close as possible to your business concerns.

NAYA Reporting

Powerful KPI tool

Enhance visibility & optimize your processes

NAYA Transparency Services

Outsourcing solution

Easily manage, follow-up & ensure the quality of all data for disclosure

HCP Portal

Web platform for HCPs

Easily share any information & data with HCPs


Customized training sessions and materials

Customized training to meet the needs of your organization

NAYA Technical features


Manage and control compliance with your internal policies and your Fair Market Value

Full text search

Access full text search engine on attached files


Edit, follow and share all your modifications and annotations


Integrate stamps into your documents to indicate their status

Document editing

Generate any type of document (Pdf, Word, Excel…)


Connect with existing IT systems such as CRM, ERP, T&A…


Define Fair Market Value according to your compliance, business & expense policies

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