Mobile NAYA application

Simplify, accelerate and secure your compliance processes

NAYa Data Quality Control

Tracking solution to check and analyze all data before disclosure

Monitor & analyze all data for disclosure

NAYA Reporting

Powerful KPI tool

Enhance visibility & optimize your processes

NAYA Transparency Services

Outsourcing solution for data consolidation for the disclosure of transfers of value

Easily manage, monitor & ensure the quality of all data for disclosure

HCP Portal

Dedicated web platform to easily make information available to HCPs

Easily share any information & data with HCPs

NAYA IDAHE Connecteur

Interface pour la soumission des déclarations DMOS de vos événements et conventions

Automatisez vos déclarations au conseil de l’Ordre des médecins entre NAYA et la plateforme IDAHE.


Customized training sessions and materials

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