Enhance visibility and optimize your processes

Generate tables and graphs on dashboards for a deeper analysis of all data recorded in NAYA


Easily create personalised reports and dynamic dashboards


Conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses of all data


Export all data
into Excel spreadsheets

Analyze all data
recorded in NAYA

  • Operations
  • HCPs and HCOs
  • Forecasted and actual expenses
  • Attendees
  • Feedback from authorities
  • Promotional material
  • Treatment periods
  • Timeframes

Sort all data
using various criteria

  • Types of HCP/HCO
  • Types of operation
  • Types of material
  • Information request
  • Specialities
  • Regions
  • Brands

NAYA Reporting can be integrated into our solutions:

  • Optimize the management of your events and contracts
  • Optimize expenses to HCPs and HCOs
  • Improve your visibility to physician influencers and KOLs
  • Optimize the management of your promotional materials
  • Optimize communications around your products
  • Set up corrective measures to improve product information
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