Promotional Material

Ensure full traceability & compliance of your promotional materials

Simplify the management of your promotional materials

Regulations surrounding the advertisement and promotion of regulated products can change quickly, requiring the creation of innovative content faster while maintaining compliance with regional and global regulations.

NAYACT® Promotional Material is a global workflow solution to help you manage the entire lifecycle of any promotional material from conception to delivery.

NAYACT® provides a flexible solution for Life Sciences companies with multiple business units or departments that need to create and manage unique content, enabling everyone to operate independently while maintain commonalities across the company.

Benefits: Lifecycle – Quality Control – Cross-border management – Traceability.

a screenshot of ou promotional material management system
our NAYA promotional material SaaS solution

Speed-up material time to market

  • Initiate & edit materials.
  • Share content across involved teams, add annotations.
  • Link verified and approved references.
  • Review and approve promotional content.
  • Manage distribution across channels.

Repository of all available approved materials, full references library and audit trail ensure only approved material is in use. NAYACT Promotional Material allow the management of all your material needs in a central location for distribution to different channels as necessary.

Promotional Material with NAYACT®

Manage the lifecycle of any promotional material from conception to delivery across channels

Creation, review and distribution features


Approval process management

Submission to regulatory agencies


Repositories of all approved materials

Bibliographic references

Drugs referential

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