APM (Medical News Agency) published on July 13 the following dispatch concerning the NAYA Sunshine Act solution. The same mail was relayed on July 18 on the website of SNITEM. Here are the contents of the article as it was released:


Links of Interest: BMI System is also developing an offer ahead of a “French Sunshine Act”.

PARIS, July 13, 2011 (APM) – The French company BMI System, specializes in publishing
software dedicated to the healthcare industries, has developed an offer ahead of a possible
French “Sunshine Act”, allowing the consolidation of expenditures made
to health professionals.

Reacting to Cegedim ambitions in this market (see APM SOOG4002), its
Officials informed APM that they have developed a product, already operational for a year with a client and whose launch was announced in June.
The company, founded in 2004, has its headquartered in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine), and has offices in London, Brussels and Boston.  It has about twenty employees, with the
profile of consultants in regulatory affairs and quality management as well as
developers and system architects in new technologies.
In 2010 it achieved a turnover of 840,000 euros and expects to reach 1.2 million
euros in 2011.
“Our goal is to provide the health industry applications to manage their post-authorisation business, told Thomas Joder, Head of Communications.
The company, with fifteen clients in the health sector, has developed a
range of nine applications, focusing particularly on training, monitoring, vigilance, claims
or relations with healthcare professionals.
It has launched a new software called “Naya Sunshine Act”, which should enable
companies to easily adapt to the demands made to them in the context of the transposition
in France of the US “Sunshine Act” through the reform of
drug policy initiated by the Health Minister, Xavier Bertrand (see APM
As part of the reform bill, which will be discussed in Parliament from the end of September, the Minister announced that healthcare companies will publish on their website
all past agreements and fees with physicians, medical experts,
specialized scientific press societies and associations of patients.
“Naya Sunshine Act” allows the reconciliation of direct or indirect benefit granted to
health professionals. “This tool can recover all the information and highlights,
for each healthcare professional, all financial relations with
a laboratory, ” said Laurent Clerc, head of regulatory affairs.
It can recover aggregate information, or the total amount granted to a
health professional, or detailed information, describing each item of expenditure,
he said, noting that we do not yet know the degree of precision that will be required

by the French authorities.
The interest for this type of software has increased dramatically in the current context.
“There is a strong awareness from the SNITEM [National Union of medical technology] and
Leem [drug companies] to their members on the subject”, said
Thomas Joder.
Asked about its position towards Cegedim, the official
indicated that Cegedim is generally more focused on CRM (Customer Relationship
management) so the sales force, while BMI SYSTEM deals with
corporate headquarters.
“Naya Sunshine Act” includes an integrated validation process that makes the file automatically go from one validator to the next, said Thomas Joder. This is a
“workflow” application, which includes a management process.
BMI System is positioned between a service company in computer engineering technology (IT) and a software company.
The company creates different software for each country given the differences
in their legislation but in the same country, “we are able to adapt the software to
the organization of each company, “said Brigitte Dillen, manager of the company.

BMI System is also launching a special offer to companies in the medical device, called
“Yalto Sunshine Act.”