BMI System hopes to reap the benefits of a “French Sunshine Act”

PARIS, September 1, 2011 (TICsanté) – The company BMI System, management software publisher of regulatory compliance for the pharmaceutical industry and medical device manufacturers, looks forward to the forthcoming adoption of the reform of drug safety.

The bill passed on 1 August 2011 by the government must be examined by the National Assembly from September 27. However, the publisher BMI System is already beating the recall of its customers and prospects, that are invited to a “thematic workshop” dedicated to “transparency of relations between industry professionals and health authorities,” September 22 in Paris.
The stakes are high for the company founded in Paris in 2004, the turnover has increased by 414,000 euros in 2009 to about 840,000 euros in 2010 and expects to generate 1.2 million euros in revenues in 2011.
Indeed, the bill would create a reporting system for direct or indirect benefits that manufacturers provide to the entire world of healthcare, particularly physicians, beyond 100 euros per year.
To date, applications “NAYA Compliance” and “NAYA Donations and Grants”, designed to manage relationships by pharmaceutical companies with health professionals and associations, equip eight French subsidiaries of major industry groups, said Thomas Joder, Director of communication of BMI System, in an interview with TICsanté.
The software is now complemented by a new module, called “NAYA Compliance Sunshine Act”, which allows the “financial reconciliation” of the data collected, he added.
This package could therefore be of interest to many laboratories, because “most of them works with ordinary process software regular on which they mimic their own internal organization,” said he.
“The more we advance in time and the stronger regulatory pressure is. With this new reform, we move to a level of additional stress. If these processes are not computerized, manufacturers will lose a lot of time,” he explained.
Despite a tight schedule, BMI System estimates that the collection of information could be imposed “from 1 January 2012 for a first publication in 2013.”

Other publishers, however, are positioned in this segment, with Cegedim, which recalled in a statement, on July 4, his status as “world leader in market share of spending consolidation solutions for industries of life sciences “.

System BMI does not consider itself disadvantaged and has provided its “regulatory expertise” and “a range effect” to stand out from this illustrious rival.

“Even if we are small, we do not have complexes,” said he.
In addition to the market for pharmaceutical companies (over 300 according to Leem), the publisher also covers medical device manufacturers, through its software range Yalto. But for now, its suppliers and potential customers are “in the expectation of the law”.