Transparency & Disclosure

Be ready for global transparency & disclosure

Meet business and regulatory requirements regarding your relationships with HCPs & HCOs
with a cost-effective and compliant approach.

Pre-approval Processes

Cross-border process



HCP/HCO Assessment

Fair Market Value

Manage pre-approval processes

  • Manage and optimize all internal and external pre-approval processes
  • Cross-border: Manage the approval process of foreign HCP engagements within the affiliates of your organization

Gather & arbitrate expenses

  • Capture the expenses related to a transaction and a contract for service provision
  • Reconcile forecasted and actual expenses
  • Centralize all elements necessary to track expenses associated with an event, a contrat, a donation, … as well as payment dates

Monitor & disclose expenses

  • Control, edit and approve the aggregated synthetic and detailed reports
  • Access all expenses per operation and per HCP or attendee
  • Edit disclosure templates according to national and international requirements (EFPIA, Sunshine Act…)


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