DMOS and Transparency Outsourcing

Supports all steps of the DMOS/Transparency regulatory process.

Outsource the implementation of your DMOS & Transparency requirements

As regulatory requirements increase, pharmaceutical laboratories – pharmaceutical, animal health, medtech… – have to anticipate changes and increasing time-consuming tasks.

BMI SYSTEM provides you with an expert team that partially or fully manages all steps of the DMOS & Transparency regulatory process for declared and undeclared operations.

Become more responsive and anticipate regulatory changes to better focus on your core business.

DMOS Outsourcing
Our Transparency Outsourcing Team in Action

Outsourcing with BMI SYSTEM : benefit from both regulatory and technical expertise

  • Our dedicated team uses our NAYACT® software for an adapted and evolutive management of the DMOS.
  • You have a permanent access to check information and validate steps that engage your responsibility according to a set of specifications defined and validated with you.
  • Personalised assistance is offered to facilitate the preparation and publication of your Transparency requirements.

DMOS and Transparency Outsourcing With BMI SYSTEM

Focus on your core business by outsourcing the DMOS/Transparency process


Quick and easy setup

Update of regulatory changes

Simple and quick transfer of operations

A dedicated expert team


Contracts & Events management


Specifications defining the scope of outsourcing

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