Last November, BMI SYSTEM attended with our partner Meetings & Events International (MEI), one of the biggest events on compliance in our industry: London Global Compliance Congress for Life Science. It was the opportunity for people in the industry to discuss and share their experience and key learnings after the first EFPIA Public Disclosures and the compliance challenges in the highly regulated pharmaceutical environment.


Some critical topics regarding compliance were addressed during this congress:

  • The necessity of global compliance programmes
  • The ever changing compliance landscape
  • The HCP’s consent for transfer of values disclosure

Global compliance programmes are critical to the success of any company operating at an international level. It is essential to foster a culture of compliance within the company in order to instill integrity and ethical values at all levels. Along with this corporate culture, business rules with clear and meaningful Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) provide companies with a competitive edge to mitigate risk and ensure global compliance.

The Global Compliance Congress for Life Science was also the place for companies to benchmark against industry peers and brainstorm innovative approaches to overcome challenges of working in an ever-changing regulatory landscape: with country codes differing from the EFPIA, EU Data Protection Regulations, EU Clinical trials Regulation constantly changing many companies are struggling to keep up with codes and regulations.

London Global Compliance Congress for Life Science

London Global Compliance Congress for Life Science

Last but not least, ensuring HCP engagement and ensuring adherence to laws, codes and company policies can also be a challenge. It is essential for companies that HCPs give their consent regarding the relationships between with the company. In that respect, best practices show that education and a transparent communication to physicians is the key to success.

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