ORYGA®, the GDPR Software

ORYGA® helps your organization to reach GDPR compliance.

Turn the GDPR into an opportunity

General data protection regulation, can at first sight, be perceived as a constraint. However, ensuring individuals’ rights, by strengthening the protection of collected data, streamline its processing and decrease several risks, became a priority and a common goal for companies investing in order to consolidate a trustful relation with their customers and their partners.

The GDPR defines a framework structuring data governance and its implementation, relying on an adapted tool solution such as ORYGA®, which allows companies to comply with its requirements and develop new competitive advantages in order to increase their competitiveness regardless of their size or economic model.


Reach GDPR compliance with ORYGA®

Designed to follow current GDPR, ORYGA® allows streamlined integration with the latest technologies surrounding personal data (PD) management and will evolve with future changes to enacted regulation. In addition to maintaining the mandated record of processing activities, ORYGA® supports:

  • the creation of documentation and audit trails required by the supervisory authorities.
  • privacy impact assessments (PIA).
  • relevant monitoring indicators essential for companies to effectively ensure personal data governance.

ORYGA® is a strong tool in partnership with IBM and Ageris Group.

Meet GDPR requirements with ORYGA®

We provide support and guidance to Data Protection Officers (DPO) through the entire GDPR process. Each feature of ORYGA® is based on recommendations made by data privacy authorities (CNIL, ICO…). Here are some functionalities of ORYGA® :


PIA, audits and action plans


Operations and subcontractors record

Data subject rights management


Security and breach notification record


Record and mapping of processing activities

Indicators and dashboards

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