For the third time, BMI SYSTEM was proud sponsor of a major pharmaceutical congress in Washington DC, USA:


This major event allowed us to:

1.    present our NAYA flagship software solution

2.    increase our brand image within the US Pharmaceutical market

3.    discuss with customers their specific needs and requirements

BMI SYSTEM was raised to Executive Sponsorship level this time round. This gave us the opportunity to have a key note speaker slot, attended by approximately 70 delegates, entitled:

The Dynamic Shift – Implementing disparate country by country compliance solutions to a single Global 2 Local (G2L) approach

Francis Geysermans, during BMI SYSTEM speaker slot

Francis Geysermans, during BMI SYSTEM speaking slot

As Francis Geysermans, BMI SYSTEM CTO stated, “These US events provide us with a major opportunity to present our local to global compliance, regulation and transparency solutions. It was also an excellent occasion to gain valuable customer insights and at the same time increase our brand image.

The congress highlighted how global pharmaceutical companies are looking to roll-out one coherent, flexible and secure system to ensure compliancy to local regulations and transparency in interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations. In other words, a system which provides a unique global vision at a high-level, which at the same time respects specific local GRCs and languages. In other words a system like the NAYA software solution.

Participants at the two-day event included Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Lundbeck, UCB, GlaxoSmithKline…

On day 1, we were privileged to have in-depth discussions with Sanofi USA, AstraZeneca, Alcon and Lundbeck (just to name a few).

On day 2 we cemented our strategic alliance with Huron LifeSciences who will help BMI SYSTEM to deliver a completed consulting & software solution to our joint customers in the USA. We also had in-depth discussions with Takeda USA, Daiichi Sankyo and Ferring.

What did this event bring to BMI SYSTEM?

1.    Increase the BMI SYSTEM brand image in the US market.

2.    Allow us to present our vision and solution within a well-attended break out session and meet with customers and prospects to discuss specific USA compliance requirements.

3.    Build a Strategic Alliance with Huron LifeScience to help us deliver one of the most complete, scalable, secure and flexible solutions for compliance, transparency, regulation and aggregate spend on the market today.